This is my first time rendering using Cycles! I’m migrating from 3ds Max and I’m using blender for around 3 months for a indie game project, been painful to learn a new software but Blender is really amazing! So I decided to test a character I was modelling and got excited with lighting and ended up adding hair and everything haha, I like the results and learned a lot about Cycles. Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Better resolution:

Er, okay, I guess I’ll comment first. Freaking fabulous, I rarely get excited over CG girl characters, but this one has such individuality and intensity, a personality even, I feel like it’s a portrait of an actress or something. Too good, really.

Five starts. Really difficult to find any fault in this.

You may invest some more time into the lighting and maybe choose a bit more interesting camera position. The hair looks a bit digital too.

But your work is still very good. Really nice.

i like the individuality too

Thank you guys!! I’m happy that you commented about her personality, I wasn’t very pretentious about it but I tried to give her some personality!

Thank you! Yeah lighting is something I really need to learn more about, but as it wasn’t a ‘planned’ project at all I didn’t really invest much time into this, maybe next time now :smiley:

Holy cow. I really like this. But i think for me the skin is too red/pinky

Thank you!! :smiley: Hmm didn’t realize that, perhaps it is the lighting? I used a redish light on one side, or maybe it is the sss.

I thought this was a painting.

Honestly this is fine art. My critiques are irrelevant.

Very good.

I think it should be on the top shelf. You made a real girl.