Girls room with a hint of Japanese style

my commercial design project
Cycles render 4113
1300 semples
1h 30min - in one image
Nvidia GTS 450

very nice!

Sheesh, Negativa. That’s beautiful.
Full Global or what?

No, there are very few bounces.
max bounces = 3
min bounces = 3

Not only well-modeled and rendered, but also well designed. The color scheme is particularly tasteful. Well done!

Great work here!

Hey, thank you SO much for posting it in the Museum, Negativa. A really stunning addition. I can’t wait to see how you’ll top this one. :slight_smile:

This is too good =D

wow, i usually can wait that time for a render, but if is for commercial i mean for as well. =]

Aww… I wished my room looked like this… :frowning: Very Cool!!

Really nice architecture work, and off course, lighting and pretty much everything! Was it all modeled in Blender?

Thank you all for your kind words! I am particularly pleased because I’m still learning visualization!

Khell[PT], yes of course, it’s Blender! I downloaded a few models with

This is the second version of the room (the client did not like the first version)

I liked the first one better.

I also!

and this version did not like client. Here’s another version…

I have a question for @negativa:
What steps do you have to go through to change the room for your client? It is just a materials change?
If So, How difficult is it to change the materials on your room? I have not worked well with any material shader system before, and have trepidation on my involvement with blender’s.

Those are really gorgeous renderings. I like the first one the best by a wide margin. :smiley: