Girls! (updated 13.09.)

Well, I didn’t sleep tonight, because I started doodling with PS… I decided to try this style, since I find it rather appealing, and because I haven’t done anything like that before.
Quite large, about 300k, 960x768 resolution. If someone wants, I can upload 1280x1024 version too.
Comments and criticism would be quite appreciated.

Nice texture on the background.
Finland won usa.

quite nice. I don’t like the mixture of blur and raw tho.

… won what?


Nice and kinda creepy in it’s own way. Only thing don’t like is how their panties jump on your face. Way too colorfull when you campare them on the otherwise kinda dark tones of your work.

yeah, that has been bugging my eyes also, now that I looked at it while actually being awake. I have to change that…

Appealing but very, very creepy. Might have something to do with the unpupiled eyes. How did you do this? all from scratch?

It’s basically a composite of four different images, two textures (one for the girl, one for the background), background, which is some photo of a fountain in Prague, and the girl.
It was mainly made with lots of different layers and some little enhancements were done with a brush.

I tweaked the image a bit, here’s the new version:

eh… ok, maybe I’m the only one, but I liked especially the pants in the first one. gave it little edge.


Much better IMO.

Now the pic is almost like an hidden image scene. Red panties told immediatly where those girls where, but in this new on they almost blend on the background. It’s just great.


Scared the shit out of me! This reminds me of Silent Hill, thats damn scary stuff, I’m going to have nightmares tonight!