Git checkout for BL 2.8?

Cant get INSTALL project built w/MSVS2017 Community x64, CUDA 9.1 - no blender.exe eventually/
Which branch repo should be checked out?
Master? Blender2.8? Where 2.8 daily builds are being made from?

Master is 2.8

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OpenVDB and Alembic work already?

Alembic it seems to work!
OpenVDB I do not know how to test it. If you have files, I can give you a try.
But at the moment I noticed that the color does not work when the node shaders are enabled

OK, succeeded. But need to switch both Alembic and OpenVDB off in cmake…
Dont know whay Alembic misses a folder with AbcCoreHDF5/All.h
even if SVN lib got updated…?