Git clone of SVN repo interupted by power outage

I’ve been learning C for a while now and decided I want to spend some time getting to know the Blender source. Since I’ve been wanting an excuse to learn to use Git I decided to make a fresh Git clone of the SVN repo as per the instructions on this page:

Things were going good till the power decided to fail for a second and cut the power to my machine. I already spent over 3 hours on this clone and I really don’t want to start from scratch as it has already got the first 15k+ revisions.

So what I am asking is, do any of you know enough about git-svn to point me in the right direction of how to properly resume this clone, or failing that if it’s possible to clear out the last revision and start fetching from that point?

I really don’t want to do anything to it till I know more. I would hate to make things worse and find I ruined any chance to avoid starting over from revision one.

[EDIT: The more I looked for a solution the more dismal the prospects looked. So I decided to wipe that failed clone and start with a clone of another Git repo instead of building my own. I’ll leave this thread unsolved for the moment though, in case someone has a working solution that may help the next person in my situation.]