Git repo directory "scons" empty.

I just downloaded the Blender source using…

sudo git clone

I used the

command/script to install dependencies.

The next step according to the docs is to execute the command
python scons/

in the “root” blender source directory.

The problem is that the scons directory is empty, there is no in it.

Looking at the git-tree on the website also shows an empty scons directory.

Which docs specifically are you referring to? Whichever ones they are, they are likely to be outdated/incomplete, as you’ll also need to run a few “submodule” commands to grab scons, extensions, and a few other bits and pieces which are pulled in from external repos.

See here:

That guide solved the issue. It seems the scons directory isn’t pulled with the initial

git clone

command, but it’s either created or pulled with one or some of the subsequent git commands.