Gitmo--Fall of the Geneva Convention

i thought i would start a thread to let you guys know what you are helping me with, when i post my problems. I am very thankful for all the help, and to give credt to those who helped. Thank you Blendenzo, Social, Monster, Sambassador, Sunjay, Killer, Martinish and a few more.
So anyway i really dont have a concrette story i was making guns inspired by call of duty mw2 just went off. I was thinking of making the story a jailbreak by al quieda in the prison camp in Cuba Guantanamo bay, may change though, depending on the response i get. I dont want to offend anyone, as it being so contraversial.
So if anyone has any suggestions i open to whatever. here are a few images of gameplay.

video link here:


This is the most advanced FPS gameplay I’ve seen in the GE so far. (Although not the most advanced AI.)

The only thing that strikes me is the lack of a gun flare while firing, and the animations look a bit like he’s trying to be enthusiastic about killing but failing to see the point.

Thanks. yea right now it still need alot of work, but by ai system is pretty chezzy, but it works, no pathfind though. that is actually my ugly face on them, i plan to make a sprite sheet of maybe four differnt faces and useing a file i found that lets you choose a specific tile, and randomly applying it. the only problem i have with that is when i separate the face/neck form the mesh it sometime disappears in an out, but still perfectly on the armature. i even scaled the verts aound the seams smaller thinking it was some kind of interferance.

Looks very impressive.
But if you don’t want to offend anyone, I would definitely steer away from having the player be a member of Al Qaeda killing American soldiers.
Of course with a FPS it’s impossible to not offend ‘anyone’, but I think you can come up with something that would offend fewer people.

Very nice demo. Would love to hear more about how your ai works. I’m an ai noob but I want to do some for my own fps project. Got any tips?

Seeing as the Guantanamo Bay camp is getting shut down I don’t think its the best setting for the game. Personally I’ve always like the plots that involve massive conglomerate corporations hiring their own private army while their evil scheme boils away. It would be good though to see how you imagined the break out, Guantanamo Bay is an army base, not just a holding prison.

As for the video, the textures all seem very similar and makes it a bit hard to distinguish objects from each other. The layout of the locker room also needs work, perhaps something like this locker room with the bench running down the middle and some solid rows of lockers.

I think you ought to make the environment more varied, but aside from that it seems like a good start. The AI needs work, though. At the moment those guards come across as unbelievably stupid, since they don’t even necessarily attack when they’re being shot at (around the 1:40 mark).

The graphics in this game are beastly! Wow great work! I can’t wait till you have a demo! wow

yeah he said the AI system needs work


     As for the sprits and muzzle flash i'm not worried about that yet, as that is the easy part, i need to refine the characters before i start adding the flare. I also plan on making better and smoother animations, i kindof liked some and just keeped going. I have played with the rig, and its simple to add more animations, or even and a new mesh to the rig itself. If you have any suggestions let me know. thanks.


    My AI is a script i had form my old Yoshi game, and i mixed it with a script from "Killer's" maze game. its just 3 rays +y, +x, -x that detect walls or entry markers along with a cube with a radar attached to his head that has to see you in order to shoot, that mixed with a random script genarator i edited form on of "Socials" files it has 2 states it chooses form search,stop and look(radar looks at bigger radius because his head is turning). And when you shoot it detects you, if it see you it activates another random script and chooses form 4 states attack1, attack2, follow(with random to shoot again, and back to follow), wait (then another random to start search again, if your not in sight). there is more but you get it.


     I like the suggestions, i plan on fixing it up a bit. Although i would like more feedback like that as i'm still in the developmental stage and dont have many ideas. 


    Yea sorry i didnt put and captions or annotations. The reason the do that in 1:40 is because i went behind a wall to show that they need to have a line of sight in order to find you. I did it to demostrate when you shoot the look towards the shot and if the dont see you they go back to search. I did it so they wont shoot at the wall when you fire a shot, and to try to make it to where they wont start shooting if they are in front of eachother. Only thing is i do need a pathfind script that works.


     Thanks. I plan on trying my best to make these textues better than awsome, as i'm not using glsl for this game. I wish i could but it bogs down fps, i do have a glsl version and it looked sick. There is a demo in my youtube description of the first video, but its not as posished as this one, it only has death animations, they dont shoot or do anything else yet. oh and its an exe sry. i will put somthing out soon though.

     Finally i an glad that all you guys left comments, and i hope you stay posted on my progress. if anyone has suggestions please feel free to comment.

xD “Gitmo–The Fall of the Geneva Convention” made me chuckle. What was even more unbelievable is that the game has lots of potential. Keep up the good work…speaking of work, work on that AI. :wink:


Looks great (especially the neckbreaker move). You should try to add ragdoll death animations (or keyed actions that look like ragdoll death animation), cuz most death anims look horrible.

I’d recommend placing several spawn points, and only spawning the enemies at places the player can’t see- and if you want to go further, you can learn from L4D- they check to see if, say a spawn point is in a room, and there’s only one way into the room and the player has killed everything in it, the it won’t spawn anything there. Basically, make the player believe that the enemies got there somehow, instead of just appearing.

On the subject of L4D AI

It’s quite a good read, There’s some which isn’t that relative and some which is probably too complex but it might inspire some ideas.


Of course. I just have that there to get them out quickly for testing, i dont want to walk across the scene just to test something, Also its fun right now to just rip into them all bunched up.

Yeah, the name didn’t inspire much hope but this is actually a very impressive blender game.

Keep up the good work. Obviously this is early days which is responsible for the lack of variety but once you have the AI down and are close to finishing tweaking the game I doubt you’ll have trouble finding a group of blender heads to make a bunch of props and enemies to diversify the environment.

best of luck!

wow, this is impressive. but the death animation is a little depressing.