Give a procedural texture a random seed.

I have a procedural cloud tex as a stencil for rust stains. I want to duplicate say, 50 tin plates while keeping the same material and have each of them with rust stains in a different, random, place. Is there a way to do this without meticulously going through each one?

I don’t think there is a really easy way to do this. I’m not even sure if it is possible, using procedural textures. But I’m not good with textures, either.

Map it to Global or Object with an Empty.

Thanks jawra. Mapping it to object worked. I don’t understand the empty bit though.

Empty works like a slide projector along the Z-axis of the empty. So it would project your texture on to all 50 tiles. The Empty would need to be placed above the tile. You can then scale/rotate (not along Z) the empty and the texture will scale as well. Projection can be useful in these cases.