Give blender something back.

I think it would be good for the blender foundation to have a phone number where we can send mesagges , this messages would charge us whatever a mesage costs , this way we can send every now and then a little message to support the blender development.

for us one or to messages is nothing , but all the blender users would sending one message every update for example it would make a nice money to support our favourite and beautifull software.

what do you think ?

Not a good idea. You need some sort of phone central. That costs money.
There is paypal. Use it. Or buy the book.

Someone has been watching Idols (or American Idol, or another version of it) too much :wink:
*Sends text message to 1010 for “TEH TON”, he’s got my vote :RocknRoll:

Sending a text message across different countries costs at least 4 times as much, that money would be well better spend in different ways, like bigbad said.

Buy the Peach DVD, then you’ll get something nice from da hood in return as well, an offer you can’t resist :ba:

^^ ^^ ^^
That and make some great blender renders, then use it as evidence to spread the word of Blender, i do (except for the making great renders part).

I am almost done paying off this computer, I will have donation funds for sure in a couple months.

I am moving back to Oregon soon, also…That will crimp me a bit, but I have a job lined up in Washington already, so I should be on track soon after.