"give me a item's name and i'll practice on it to improve" thread

[NOTES]I’m not too sure if this is in the right thread but you’ll see why I’ve posted it here when u read the “rules” belows.[/NOTES]

Just thought of a good way to really challenge myself to practice more.
Most of the time, my reason for not modelling anything much is because I could never pick the right stuffs to model and I also tends to try something too hard to make.

So Here I call on you to help me (if you want to, of course) by giving me a name of a simple object to model. I will have 1 day to model it then post it here. Once I finish the model for that day, I will pick the very first name after that post as my object to model for the next day.

Day1–> Model Object1

Day2–>Post pic of Object1
Day2–>Model a object (Object2) of the first name posted after the picture of the day model (object1) is added.

Day3–>Post pic of Object2
Day3–>Model the next object.

On each new model I start on, I will try to use whatever weakest technique (as mentioned by viewers and C&C) there was in the previous model.

This way I could make sure that I could focus on my weak point of modelling and try to improve it on the next models. (A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link)

Hope you guys could understand what I am talking about, If not I’ll try to reword it better later.

To start, all you need to do is to post a name of a simple object for me to model and i’ll try to finish and post a pic of it tomorrow. Thanks.

I am not sure what your modeling skills are at but I would like to sugest that you model a computer speaker. They are a simple object and have minimal level of details. Or also swim goggles would be cool.

A milk jug

ok i’m gonna do the computer speaker one since it is the first item. I will edit this post and add the picture once i’m done. the first post after this with a object name will be the model of the next day. thanks :smiley:

Blend1988: I’m pretty weak right now execpt for an occassional fun SMC i’ve done so far. I have a page of my site (currently in a design “limbo”) that keeps track of what I’ve made and posted on this forum. go to http://www.freewebs.com/radscientist/3d.html and scroll down to see links to the 5 SMC i’ve done (though the “edged weapon” SMC is not listed there yet (just noticed that))

Gonna model my computer speaker that is quite similar to this (mine is black),

Good choice. Simple but still a chalange in certain aspects. Looking forward to seeing this completed.

yeah thanks for the idea, i’m already almost done, what is left is the material and to scan my speakercover so I can use the pic to texture the speakercover in the model.

Notes: this speaker i’m making are only the left one (without the volume control and power cord connection to help keep it from overwhelming me)

Ok finished it, gonna go to bed now and hopefully i’ll won’t wake up late tomm for work lol. good night y’all.

Don’t forget to C&C please so I can know what to focus on in the next model of the day. and don’t forget to post a name of a object for it to be accepted as a model of the day.

That’s a decent speaker, probably could have speant some more time on it though. I’m gonna be honest with u, i think that these speed modeling challenges are not going to push your improvement hard enough. sitting down with a more challenging and teadious project will greatly improve your modeling skills.
After one or two hard projects I think is when you should start to improve speed of modeling. Right now (no offence intended) you are practicing modeling poorly and quickly.
Anyway, just suggestions. Either way I will be curiously watching your progress.

I could understand what you are talking about but usually I don’t do very well with a hard project (or one with no time limit) because I usually have to make it perfect and usually waste too much time on little details. The reason why I wanted this thread instead of doing SMC is so I don’t have to make anything in only 30-45 minutes and not really learn from it…

Mainly I need to get used to modelling in general and to learn little things about Blender3D without worrying too much about how to make a model perfect. for example, with the first model of this thread, I’ve finally learned how to assign several material to a single object (the words in the front).

Why not let me model a few more and see if I do Improve in modelling skills? If I do not really improve much at all, please let me know, thanks.

Any word of the day yet?

I can see your point, maybe this will get you faster at modeling and then the harder stuff will eventually be easly done quickly for you. Anyway, I dont know what you are gonna make today but if you need a project I would suggest making possibly a pen or object like that. Not difficult but still makes a great chanlenge for modeling with circles so that you can “get out of your box” Lol. Anyway, I’ll be checkin back!

you say that you spend too much time on the little details? I would submit: it’s having the little details that make something look really good.
my suggestion [if you want to improve through sometihng like this] ask for a harder maodel and give yourself a week. I have found that I learned more/faster through solving all the little problems that pop up when creating a complacated model.
it’s just a thought

CornDog: The issue about too much time on details is that it uses up too much time that i’m not willing to waste on some of the simple models I tried. I also tended to neglect attention to the general feel of the model when I focus on a single part of a model. Sure details are what makes many models goods but those details would be useless if I don’t have the skill to model the whole thing properly and tie it together.

About the weekly modelling challenge:
Yeah I know what you mean and I plan to do this but only after I finish a few models in this thread. this is cause sometime when I try to do a serious model, I get confused rather easily by having to learn more than a few things at a time. I personally learn faster doing 1 or 2 thing at a time quickly (I think. We’ll see anyway).

Blend1988: Thanks, you got what I was trying to explain about the reason for this thread :smiley: I’ll try the pen as the model of the day, now since i’ve learned how to properly assign multiple material to a single object it shouldn’t look too bad. today i’ll try to figure out how to get a good stainless steel look (will be a metal pen with some “rubber” part).

gonna do it tomm morning, it is almost midnight as it is so I need to get some supper and then go to bed. At least I finally have something new to read a little before I go to bed (It a nightly habit of mine) which is the november edition of 3Dworld. :smiley:

I do this too, but I just ask my friends for simple objects, something I can cook up in 10 minutes. Just to increase speed although my techniques could use work too. :stuck_out_tongue:

My suggestion is a table.

i would like to see a 9mm pistol

almost done with the pen, look like it gonna be a much better model than anything i’ve made so far. still need to figure out a issue with assigning more than 2 material to a object. I’m trying to make the tip and the cap of the pen brass and I got a good matrial for it but the rubber grip material seems to be linked somehow. everytime i try to add a material, the rubber grip mirror the material from the tip and cap of the pen. how do I fix this?

P.S. I’ll have to finish this after work at 5pm today though I’ll be off tomorrow.

Wereaser: that a good topic idea, a table would be useful to display other models that may result from this thread thanks :smiley: i’ll do this next (and include the pen and computer speaker to see how it look (and maybe some other small model I made in SMC too)).

arachai: I wouldn’t mind doing that but it is a little too specific for my current skill level cause If I forget/can’t model a part of a 9mm pistol, then it is too easy for it to not be noticed as a 9mm pistol, rather it would be a pistol in general. I could make a pistol but it is a little too complex for me right now, I think.

Ok just finally managed to fix the multi-material issue though I’ll still need to learn more about how to do it. I really hate having to match up seperate component of a item just for different colors. Extrusion Modelling is ALOT more easier than I thought it would be. These practices are already making me a bit better now :D.

Now I’m doing Wereaser word of the day, “Table”. Will report back tonight if I progress enought. thanks for the ideas and keep it coming :slight_smile:

sorry i’m on hold now and just barely managed to post this post. I’ll have to hold off on this thread for a week or so cause I’m having some huge issue with my internet now and I was told that this nov 1, My connection will be upgraded so See you then. (I’ll try and do a weeklong project on something organic and post it here and in it’s own WIP thread) (Maybe I’ll be able to post some once in a while but I can’t upload much at all)