Give me!

Give me some scripts plss…

hey man , your thread is random , there are some scripts here , in the rar file .
and please stop creating threads of this type and cloned threads … :frowning:

What kind of scripts do you want? Be more specific.

import user
cont = user.getCurrentUser()
reply = user.postReply()

if user.hasClue() != 1:
   reply("Funny Fake Script")

any script that can help in the game…

lol you’Re amazing, you rule younguser.

by the way, WHAT GAME???!!??

import user
cont = user.getCurrentUser()
reply = user.postReply()

if user.hasClue() != 1:
reply(“Funny Fake Script”)
Python Script Error

any script that can help in the game…
i R winky_fur2009 , noob , … , and i want a to create a tekken game , i want some scripts (pythoned scripts) and 10 programatters
and 8 bainters and lol …

we want the game to be t3h noob game as in the commercial play MGS4 , thanks
and where can i beceom profresntlarer in BGE or BLENDER3D ?

Give me some scripts plss…
if you want to be fed like a chick <not your girl-friend>, here goes …

1- open your pc
2- enter google , or use the search functionality …
3- that’s it

and please don’t create such threads user , they confuse us too much !!! :mad:

i bet this thread would be closed soon , who bet ?

Hey 3d, I have seen you ask questions like this, get over yourself.

Younguser: Dont pay any attention to 3d. some days he pretends to be a guru, then other days he pretends to know nothing.

And as you can see by his answers here, he knows nothing.

Please try to be specific when you ask for something, especially about scripts. There are many and you can search for them.

What are you trying to do? Do you want to learn scripting?

You have to understand that scripts are specific to what they were/are coded to do. Do you understand?

So say you wanted a script so that when your player grabbed the left arm of the bad guy and then you pressed the space bar your player would throw the bad guy around in a circles and kick him in the butt.

To do that with a script would require a new script just for that purpose and you wont find many people to write it for you.

Although there are a few here who love a challenges and would think it was fun to write such a script.

Do you understand?

Also, the title for this thread is just asking for trouble. Please change it. GIVE ME is very bad.

To change it, under you first post click edit. Then go to ADVANCED. Now you can change the title to something that is nice.

Like: I need help with scripting, please?

I know you are frustrated because plantperson closed your last thread because it had been asked before, but thats life here on the board.

Not all mods will do that, so just keep trying. But be nice and ask for help, not give me. Thats just a dumb thing to say!

OK? ok.

i was joking with him :slight_smile: , well younguser , you should be specific …
not to make random threads

maybe the phrase “Give me” , maybe you must change it … because it is like you are giving us orders !

they will not understand you are asking for help , they will think that you are giving orders

and when a thread is started , it must be clear , i was joking with you

i hope that you are not mad :slight_smile: , but you can change the topic title to
“some python scripts for games please”
“some python scripts for games ?”

bye , best wishs :slight_smile:

EDit ::

what happened to your character which the camera for it was fixed through PM

i like it by the way , …

you can download BHP racing blend files , there are a lot of scripts in it , … use the search functionality and type

BHP racing , … :slight_smile:

Sorry. this post came of wrong. ignore this…

3d: Hey your posts are random. Please stay on topic and stop creating trouble.

I can post a few of my most used scripts when i get home. It mainly depends on what youre trying to do.If you could post a senario i can try my best to help you.

3d: Hey your posts are random. Please stay on topic and stop creating trouble.

you are free with your opinion :slight_smile: , …
and i respect it , but there is no problem in joking and parody .

but at least they contain links and ideas

younguser , listen man

BHP blends , will learn you how to implement the mp3 music and how to make good physics , and there is menus there as well with a lot of scripts …

and some gathred and made python examples in this topic

and in saluk’s sticky thread , there are a lot of pre-made blends with spedo-meters

and things of this kind …

all we want is

1- change the thread title
2- depend on yourself a little
3- don’t make dublicated threads

good luck :slight_smile:

For anyone who was curious it was I that locked this thread. It was reported over 6 times to the Moderators, and was just a lot easier to lock than to not.