give texture/face to edges/vertices


I have a question concerning texturing edges/vertices. I am trying to create a soccer goal net. To do this, I have created vertices and from these vertices I created edges to represent the lines of the goal net. But I can’t find out how to give these edges a texture/face. It’s simple to fill a square with a colour, but how do you do this with edges (when I press f12 these edges don’t show up). I hope you understand what I mean.

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you can only attach a texture to a face so you need to have faces first.Only faces render.

vertices alone can’t be rendered. You must create faces for the net.

One way is to select ‘Wire’ in the Links and Pipeline panel under Shading (F5). You need edges between your vertices.


Thank you for your reactions. With ‘Wire’ selected the edges do show up while rendering,but after exporting the model the edges have disappeared again. There is no way to solve this problem?


Remodel the net. You might be better off just mapping an image of a net to a simple surface, using alpha to make the holes transparent.

If you really need to model it, you can make a quick version:
Add a grid. Manipulate it to the shape of your goal. In Edit mode, select all vertices. Then use the Solid Wireframe script to create a new object that will be a wireframe version of your net. Delete the original net object.