Give us a way to map Origin to 3D Cursor already?

Am I missing something here? This seems like something I have to access for almost every object (aside from ones that are already rigged and have their origins final location set). I would personally use Ctrl+Shift+{ to place 3d Cursor to Selection and Ctrl+Shift+} to perform Object->Set Origin-> Origin to 3D Cursor.

I know about the shift+s wheel but it doesn’t have origin options so we can only use it for the Cursor to Selection at the moment - but for many workflows we often need to move the origin to a specific point and then set that point as origin so having them in some flowing motion as the hotkeys I mentioned would be useful at least to me, but I can’t see anywhere to set Set Origin->Origin to 3D Cursor as a hotkey. Am I missing something? Probably some addon people are using that doesn’t require blenders default… well, it shouldn’t have to be that way, no?

via menu Object → Set Orgin → Origin to 3D Cursor … right click… add short cut ??


Uh… oh. TIL, thank you.

How would I go about rebinding Cursor to Selected?

Isn’t Ctrl-S 2 short enough…? :wink:

Not really, if I want it in a workflow where I’m constantly accessing it I prefer to have it as part of the origin placement loop in an ordered fashion. It would be nice to be able to rebind it, regardless.

For now it’ll have to do, but I never really liked the ctrl+s menu and why shouldn’t we be able to rebind things on it? The version I’m using doesn’t even allow it to be assigned to the Q menu… so why does that even exist?

Seems to be that therr is the standard menu / keyboard binding (like in outer apps) and addotionally the pie menu thing… ( which i’m actually also not very devoted to… 3D vieport Pie menu is disabled for me… )… and becaus they are different things handled differently… (but i also do not recall the old way to switch the cursor position thingy yet :sweat_smile: )

How did you disable the pie menu? Anyways I found a way to just add the one to the Q menu with F3 ->Cursor to Selected right click and added to favorites… saves me from accidentally pressing other numbers or fussing with that pie menu for now.

Edit: Annnnd from that Q menu it lets me Assign Shortcut to it XD great. Perfect.

I was wondering why there isn’t a single command to set object to world origin, or set object to ground. Why must I first set the 3D cursor to world origin, then set my object to 3D cursor? So many steps to do such a simple thing.

Can I assign a hotkey to do this? I’ve never assigned my own hotkeys.

You can very easily write a script with the simple operator template and add a hotkey to it. Should be two or three lines of code you have to write max

I don’t know how to do that though. Seems like something pretty standard. I know someone has done it already. I can’t understand why it doesn’t exist as a standard hotkey.


I just found a janky way to do this, you can F3 search your function, right click the function and add to favorites then press Q in your scene for the favorites list and right click it there and assign a hotkey. It’s jank but it works.

Edit: Nvm I see what you’re saying, this doesn’t exist as a command at all? Hm.

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Why do all this when you can add a key map to an operator with two lines?

Maybe show a demo of this?

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Okay, thanks I’ll try that.

I’ll have to print out a list of hotkeys. I have trouble remembering hot key combinations and I end up doing operations that I didn’t mean to do because I tried to remember and got it wrong. People are always asking me, “why don’t you just use the hotkey, or the pie menu”? It’s because I can’t remember them all.

Isn’t this the addon Menu Activation…?? Maybe i’m mixing things up (or was it the space bar activation)…

I think pie menus are an add-on that can be turned off, but I’m not certain.

I also find pie menus frustrating when I just want the hotkey to do one operation, not bring up a pie menu. It’s an extra step.

…and also my eyes going endlessly in circles :crazy_face::woozy_face::face_with_spiral_eyes:

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