Giveaway: Cobblestone Material (Procedural)

Hey art-makers, a demo for the Smart Shaders VOL II is available here: [


I would’ve never known that making this material in cycles will ever be possible without using any image texture. It’s amazing how micro-displacements came in at the right time and I’ve got crazy results with it.
So jump right in and test the hell out of this brand new material!

If you like it please consider buying Smart Shaders VOL II when it’s released in a couple of days

All C&C are more than welcome.


I love the material! and I’m looking forward to the Smart Shader Pack.

I have a school assignment that asks me to interview someone that I look up to and since you’re the person that inspired me to start using Blender Cycles to make materials and such, could you answer a few questions?

Previously to Blender, did you use another software such as Maya or did you experiment with other art forms before choosing 3D digital art?

What made you choose Blender and why did you want to start making 3D models, materials etc.

Who inspired you to start making art?

And what was a big decision that you had to make when you started making art?

thanks for your time, whether you choose to answer or not XD have a great day.