Giveaway: Rainy Window Material (Procedural)

I worked like crazy all through-out last week. And I’m finally finished with the rainy window material.

You can practically tweak each and every detail of how the water slides down, to the shape of the droplets, just because it’s procedural: Get it here
I hope you’ll like it. Looking forward to your opinions. :slight_smile:

Material Panel Settings:

In different lighting condition:

-Sayan (Boundless Blending)


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Wow, this is badass. You are a god of cycles.

Thanks a lot for the support. Good to know that you like it!

How do you know how to do all this stuff? It would take ages to learn how every node works together. It’s insane

A lot of things go into it. There cannot be a single answer to it. I hope to make a series about this topic or a course in the future. Cheers :slight_smile:

Have got it from your newslettter some times ago, awesome stuff, and honestly just so usefull for setup a quick rainy day for interior scene. Thank you.

Oh, thanks for being on my newsletter and for your kind words :wink:

This is stunning work! You have truly mastered cycles nodes!! :smiley:

5 stars! :slight_smile:

Thanks Jamie, I’m so glad that you like it. Really happy to get such support from you :slight_smile:


man you are awesome
thanks alot

I do not know why still i can’t see rating. You deserved to 5.
It’s great. 5 from me ofc and thanks for sharing Sayan

Hey Sayan,
this material looks really bad ass! Super cool that you’re willing to share it with us. Can’t really say how awesome that is. So thanks for that and i’ll cross my fingers that you’ll see this in quite a lot of renderings!

Thank you everybody for the rating and it’s a great feeling to be able to create something which is helpful :yes:


Dude, Is Awesome… :eek::eek:

Thanks @Assassin18

BTW you can download all my other materials here. Thanks!

Wow, this shader is amazing. Thank you very much for sharing. :slight_smile: PS: I found this thread buried on page 4. Would be nice if we can have a sticky thread, where contributions like these can get added and then someone can update it once in a while.

Great work, I had some free time today and came across this thread :slight_smile:

I downloaded your shaders you caught me in-between pay checks but I will be sure to kick you 20 bucks this Friday :slight_smile: happy blending!

people like you are often called geniuses

Thanks for the comment man! Maybe it’s not possible according to the rules of BA. That’s why we have the featured row. I really appreciate your feedback.