Giving a box a different material on the outside: whats the right workflow?

Hey guys

Im making a simple packaging box for a client of mine. Its a cardboard box, made out of cardboardpaper… Just yellow color on the inside. But the outside is going to have the companies branding.

I have never done this, so i would like to know what the best workflow is to add a different material to the outside of the box and not the inside.

Regarding the box:

  • all the sides are planes, with a solidify modifier on them for some thickness (just activated, not applied)
  • all the sides have a bevel modifier so round them a little bit (just activated, not applied)
  • I added a very light displacement modifier on the box, to make the shape of the box not perfectly straight (and thus more realistic)

Because I am using planes…any material that I applied will be on boths sides of the plane (inside and out)

My questions are:

  1. if i want to put a seperate material on just the outside… what would be the best way to to this? Duplicate the mesh and offset it a little bit, and apply the material on the duplicate?

  2. or… should I apply the solidify modifier and just apply the material on the outside mesh? But what If i want to change the thcikness later on?

  3. regarding the displcament modifier… how does this affect UV unwrapping… Should i turn it of, then UV unwrap, then it on again?

Add the branding as a decal (transparent plane hovering over the box).

But its not only just a logo on that cardboard… the entire outside needs to be dark grey, and then the logo will be on that…

So this needs to completely overlap 1 of the outsides. So im thinking I can do this (I have the source file for the branding, so I can export as a transparent)

method 1 - make the outside a grey cardboard material (after duplicting the mesh)…and then add the branding as a transaprent image (like a decal)…

methord 2 - apply the entire branding (grey background and all) to 1 of the sides …by duplicating the mesh and applying an image texture to it.

I feel the second method will give me an easier way of controlling the grey material (glossiness and stuff) and a it will make it a bit easier to position the brandings (when its a transparent )

What are your ideas about this?

If it’s just one side of the box, I’d go the decal way. It doesn’t have to be transparent, the gray part should be on the decal.
If the whole box needs to be wrapped, apply the solidify mod and assign the outer faces to a separate material.

Ok but… how would i perfectly fit the decal on the outer side? I have never worked with decals before…
Do I still duplicate the plane and apply an image texture to that? Is that what you mean by creating that decal?

If it’s a perfect plane, all you have to do is duplicate the faces and offset them by 0.01.

The Solidify Modifier has an option called “Material Index Offset”. This will allow you to set a different material for the other side of the plane. It’s an offset, so it’s based off the current active material on the plane and that materials index in the material list of the object.

If the box only needs 2 materials, ie. inside and outside, easy. Create a new material on the box, and set the Material Index Offset to 1. “1” means the next material down the list.

You can also use this method to add a material specifically for the rim generated by the solidify modifier by using the “Rim”