Giving a raised texture look

I have been messing around with blender more and more lately and am sort of confused about how people give a raised textured appearance to their models. When I add a texture to my models it still looks smooth and unnatural. For example, making fuzz on a peach, or slightly raised scales on a fish.

I doubt you’ll be able to get good looking peach fuzz outta Blender’s current incarnation but you need bump mapping for faux raised details. In the Map To pannel you enable the Nor button and crank up the Nor slider. Nor is short for Normals. Normals control the direction that light is reflected from the mesh resulting in faux highlights and shadows that appear to be bumps and valleys on the surface of the object.

RamboBaby, I tried it and it did nothing to the effect. Do I need to create a bump map image file and load it? The current one I am doing is of an opium poppy. It has a frosted texture to it so I need light to reflect off it as it would off a good thick layer of dust on an old book.

[edit] I forgot to click the ‘Nor’ button. Still looks weird.

Some images of what you’re trying to achieve, and what you’ve got so far (including material/texture settings), would help others to offer the most practical help.

Yes, you need some type of texture to work with. It can be a procedural texture or an image. Bump maps work via luma data so color doesn’t matter, it’s contrast that’s important.