Giving high poly models material? Possible?


Before giving my model the materials it needed, I used smooth and subdivision in modifier and saved it and closed my file. After a while I wanted to finish it and I realize that I can’t select the parts I want to give materials, because it has to many faces. How using alt + rmb does not fix my problem, because it’s it select the entire loop, and I just want a part of it. Just selected the faces by pressing B and selecting everything is also impossible because it’s kind of an strange egg shaped part. :frowning:

Is it possible to select the outer edge by using alt + rmb on the outer edge then using some button to select everything inside the selected edge?

Thanks for the help

Edit: well ctrl (+) num+ and num- works :slight_smile:

In case your looking for another way to do that, “Select Loop Inner Region” and “Vertex Path” on the select menu should help. If you assign those to short cut keys, it’s a very fast way of selecting anything.

Very nice advise thank you :slight_smile: