Giving human modeling a stab

Modeling human/humanoid creatures has never really been my strength or interest. But now I’m interested. So I’m trying to make it my strengh;).
I’ll be making this up as I go along, accepting crits along the way.

EDIT: Ignore this first image and the second one; new model progress starts at post #6.

So far:

Progress (if you can call it that:p):

keep up the good work. maybe make the eyes curve backwards as they get farther from the nose just on the outsides. and bring the mouth further back. looking good though. maybe some wires?

Thanks for the reply. This is sort of on hold at the moment, as are all by other projects:o.

A head is about five eyeballs wide, and eyes are about one eye apart. Add a sphere the size of the eyeball, duplicate it in a line going across the face, make them separate objects, then move every other one to a different layer. Use the two in actual eyeball position (or one, with the mirror modifier) as a mould for the eyelids. When you get started up again, that is. :smiley:

Ok, finally getting back to this. (Forget that old model though. This is what I have now:

Very nice! :slight_smile: I hope you get to finish this one, it shall proove quite interesting.

I’d like to complete the entire head (even with ears!)

Ok, update (would have edited above post, but can’t for some reason.)

Here’s the head, looking surprisingly round and not too disfigured (I guess I’m having a blender epiphany or something).

Is this topology bad though? I know some of the loops aren’t as they should be, but I really wanted to keep the polycount down on the back/side/top of the head. I hate those creases you get from too many loops running around the head.

Anyway, please critique this! Suggestions, paintovers, anything. I’ll take it.

EDIT: Speaking of paintovers, here’s one of the things I’m not sure about:

Those 2 E-poles at the side of the neck should stay there for the time being. They come in handy because E-poles creates diagonal topology nicely. To prevent loops from running around to the whole model, you may terminate them by constructing C-loops. But be careful where you terminate it, it has to make sense.

Thanks for the help. I assume you’re referring to the loop outlined in red?

Should you decide to get rid of that pole, it’s quite easy. Just merge the vertices I marked in red.

That’s a very nice model!


Here’s the model with the eyes added. I had to change it quite a lot to get them to fit properly.

I guess now I have to do the ears. (!)

EDIT: Rodicul, somehow your post didn’t show up until now… I saw Exile’s, but yours did not appear until now:eyebrowlift2:. Thanks for the tip (funny, because about half an hour ago I realised I could join those two vertices… then again, the post could have been there all along, and I read it subconsciously;)) Anyway, pole eliminated.


Please tell me how I can improve this…

A post is easily overlooked. It’s good you found out on your own. :^)

He’s got a ridge between the eyebrows which doesn’t look very natural. When I check on myself it’s rather a slight recession there. very slight.

I’ve heard that triangles are ok in some places when modelling heads, but I suspect that the chin isn’t one of them. Neither the neck. There are four poles on the forehead which doesn’t look very necessary.

The area outside the eye is too thick. The head usually isn’t that wide until you get near the ear.

Rodicul: Thanks for all the pointers:D. I think you’re right about all of them, and I’ll implement them ASAP…

For now, here is the progress on the ear:

Far from perfect, but it’s a WIP.

I’d like to be able to do a paint-over, but unfortunately I will not be able to get anything involving a tablet done until Monday, as I’m not using my regular computer.

A couple things though, watch the 6-poles onher nose and especially on her eyes and above her cheek. The more edges there are dead-ending in a pole, the harder a time you will have preventing shearing when you animate. It’s especially true in your case because you have them on the cheek–at the tip of the cheekbone–and right where the eyebrows meet; these places both need to be capable of subtle movement without noticeable ‘crunching.’ You also have one on top of the nose, which should only bunch up–where the pole is–but will probably buckle quite heavily if it’s pulled too much.
I’m sorry I can’t be much help, right now, but since you have the biggest, most basic shapes and stuff down fine, at this stage it’s down to subtleties, and a picture is worth 1000 words.

Is it a he or a she? :^)

The figure gently evolute : You have a lot of talent for something which is “not your strenght”.