giving other people the game?

how can i give other people my game to run i have a website and all that but how do i make it… not a blend file:D i’m a bit confused… Also I use open bsd so your microsoft ideas may not work…gimme them anyway though lol… Thanks in advance…no comments on my spelling and bad grammer please lol

any comments at all guys? i’d really like some help please

Refer to this thread:

Read the “How do i make my game an .exe” also “How do i get my game running on diffrent os from mine”

that should give you some help, :slight_smile:


k ill check that out but my dad said i can’t make exe’s thank you ill yell again if there is a problem

I think you can distribute the .Blend file along with the Blenderplayer.exe, and all the Dll files in the blender root folder.

that will work for everyone… all you need to do is make a batch file for windows users.

Linux,BSD, and all the other *nix, people can play the .blend from blender.

just make a script with a line like this in it.

blender yourfilename.blend

or if you want the script to launch the blender player the command is:
blenderplayer yourfilename.blend

I dont know how to make free standing games for linux… sorry about that.

the nice thing about including the .blend, is that your game fans and Tweak and edit the game… so they can make new maps and mods, without bothering you.

as far as .EXE is concerned on BSD, there is a program called WINE that will allow limited use of some windows applications ( Think they just updated the BSD version too.

If you have a windows installer disk, you can use VMware too, and just make a little fake windows system under BSD or LINUX (if you have enough RAM)
QEMU is the opensource solution, but it is Broken by Default like so many other unix applications, so I dont suggest that.

anyways, hope that helped

i can’t save runtimes…this was my problem in the first places it always says can’t save runtime can’t find runtime

i didn’t understand a thing you said p00f…sorry…i dont care if it’s a .exe i just want it to play on my friends computers so i can send them it…(they’re a bunch of windows users:mad:) and i dont want other people to edit it:D so i just want to know how to make it run on other peoples computers without blender, becuase if i use the blenderplayer won’t they have to have blender? Oh poo… i just confused myself more lol

ya this isn’t helping… im so frustrated!!! help please lol…erwin please come…

with wine, you can install/run the windows version of blender, and possibly have it poop out the exe files for you.

makes so you can use other windows applications and games too :slight_smile: like Halflife :slight_smile:
and call of duty 1 and a few otehr neat ones.

If only there was a program to allow .exes to play on any system no matter what os they were complied on …

whats extremely stupid is that blender has the save runtime thing on an oben bsd version…it doesn’t work!!!

and besides i have windows to play games already lol

if only i could at least make an exe and put it on my site, because the world is stupid and everyone uses microsoft anyway…

If only there was a program to allow .exes to play on any system no matter what os they were complied on …

Man i second that one,
Here here!!
A universial Binary would be sweet, I think that is what Java tried to accomplish.

Java is slow and evil…

Dude, if you have windows, just Copy your .Blend file from your BSD partition, run it under windows, and do your EXE from there.

If you dont know how to cuopy between partitions, just Email it to yourself, or get some Free FTP space and upload it, boot to windows, and then download it,

or just burn to a CD :slight_smile:

Hmm is this possible:

Have a .blend that when opend it would trigger a python scrip to complie an .exe on the users system then saves that somewhere (they chose) and the .blend closes?

Still anoyoing because the user still would need blender… :confused:

lol thanks for replying so fast guys…im impatient… but i dont have blender on windows and my dad wont let me get it on windows

lol, ahh well your snookered now :frowning:

not sure braveheart…maybe i could talk nice to my friends and get them to make the exe for me…