Giving the letters their colors?

I’m currently working with a letter-word -jungle, where letters form words, but each letter has his own color. Here is my color-schema:

How would you suggest to give the right color to each letter? I would like to have a big amount of words in my jungle, so it would be needed to be able to type them with keyboard or read from text file, and then some way automatically turn each A to red, each I to green, each E to yellow, and so on…

in a strong 3D Blender, show in 3D, why 2D.


Jes, but your logo does not quite follow the rules. The result should be something like:

I got the colors ready to use as an materials, and as now tried, it is quite painless to convert each text to e.g. curve, (Alt-C) and then in editmode hover the mouse over a letter and choose L, and then choose the corresponding material index for that letter. Maybe this could still be automated with a Python script, finding every Text-object, splitting them in parts, naming the parts to l.000, o.000 g.000 o.001, and so on… But for now, i think i can live with the manual naming, if i don’t create too big amounts of words at same time.


If you are heading down the road of a python script, I have done some of the work to generate a phase as a series of single letter objects in my Text Train script.

Maybe a clever naming scheme of letters and materials might tie it all together?

There used to be a way, i forget now, but to define your own font based on objects you have created. I’m thinking it was Ob Family. The idea was that you create each letter, upper and lower case by converting a starting font and giving it your color. (not sure about the color part). Then when you type “a” Blender brings in your “a” object.

I’ll put the .blend-file here, if someone else needs it too: