Giving up

I think I am ready to give up on Blender, and leave the community. Many reasons for it. Will probably start learning a different program and move to their forum.

good luck

there are many other great 3D packages out there - they cost money but hey you get what you pay for.

See ya. Best of luck somewhere else.

Goodluck with your future cg endeavors, may they be more fruitful than blender.

All the best - you will also make new friends along the way too. Sometimes the best course is this.

Join date Jan 2011 so fast?

Kinda to fast on go.

Would you like some cheese with that whine?

Any particular reason? I notice you work heavily on game related content. Is it simply not powerful enough for your needs?

Another one bights the dust…

Go take a very long walk and then get back to work.

There’s nothing wrong with Blender. Nothing, either, wrong with you. Nothing magical about any other piece of computer software. No greener pastures out there.

It’s called burnout. It’s a fact of life, especially in computer-related industries (of which this most definitely is one, whether or not you’re getting paid for it). You cannot get rid of it, therefore, you must learn to control it so that it no longer controls you.

“Do I know whereof I speak?” Uhh, yeah. I’ve been earning my daily bread in the computer biz for now more than thirty years. :eek: (Not specifically in computer-graphics, but big deal.) “If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.” The computer, left to its own devices, is merely a machine and therefore will always be “the last one standing” … if you let it.


more than 30 years??? thats amazing. I was beginning to think about leaving blender as well, as my reason for coming here and using the program was to simply visualize a product i wanted to make for my senior project in high school, an antonymous robot…but as always, i started a new hobby, which led to my want to make games. I know this is what i want to do, and blender is the best program (best as in simplest, cheapest ((free!))and easiest to learn) for me and at times i get frustrated about something and want to just stop using the program, but i have to remember, as u said, its not easy. Sometimes, just having that idea alone can motivate you to keep going and never give up.

I guess what i want to say to u is that, when life gets hard, try harder. Although i may be young, i know that giving up on something is shameful, imo. However, everyone has there reasons, and im sure u do too, but just give it another go and whatever u do, dont. give. up. Thats all :slight_smile:

Your posts Fayt indicate you mainly were using BGE. You said that some models weren’t yours.
If you’re into or want to make games your best bet is to keep blender and learn to model, texture
and animate. These are all skills you will need to make it in the Gaming Industry.

The reason for this is because during production someone may get sick or quite and so instead of
waiting for someone else to take over you can get it done then return back to your main job.
It’s pretty much the rule that if you’re going to do 3D then you need to be able to model, texture
and at least set up a rig so you can pose models like a human.

A good production team is one where everyone knows how to do other peoples jobs to a certain extent.
That way the production doesn’t stop.

If u find other game engines hard, you can give BGE another chance perhaps?

I’m sure another program will be easier. It’s silly that we have not all learned this by now, toiling away at Blender.

All sarcasm aside, I think you’ll find that in life, anything worth having is worth working hard to get. I recommend giving Blender another shot. You’ve heard the phrase “The grass is always greener…” in this thread. That’s true. Switch to 3ds studio, and you’ll find something different to struggle with. Maya, something else. People make 3d masterpieces in Blender. It’s not the software, my friend. It’s the user.

Yeah, blender is( at the very least) close to the same amount of usefulness as Maya, or any others, but its free! Blender isn’t like some dead program, its still under heavy development. Its keeping up with it all, I recomend learning how to use other features of blender other than the game engine. Modeling is tons of fun once you have learned how to get past basics. Just try modeling someting you see for the fun of it, waste time, thats what life is for!

I think Blender needed ngons in 1998.

Blender doesn’t need Ngons. Ever. Why? Because everything get triangulated at render times anyway. having actual topology just takes a bit more time to get things around. That’s all.

Waits for massive discussion about Blender v Maya v 3DSMax

if its not for you its not for you, I hope you find greener pasture where-ever you go.

so long and thanks for all the fish.