Gizmo behaviour (keymap?) and appearance (Customize ?)

Hello, i have some questions about gizmo.
I would like to try to unify the gizmos or make some new graphic handler.

  1. Can i add different behaviour when clicking on the handler of gizmo?
    lets say i want to add a behaviour for when i drag and use alt or command (i am on a mac)
    This behaviour is in the keymap? why i cant find it? i have to script it? making a new one? can i ?

  2. python template about gizmo are broken?
    i have followed the description in the comments of every template but they do nothing.
    i dont understand or they dont work on mac or in blender 290?
    2- Gizmo Custom Geometry , creates a handler far far far from the light.
    2- Gizmo operator, make circle, rotable and movable, but handlers loose center and the circle does nothing at all ?
    2-Gizmo operator target , My bad , i dont know why i was not getting the circle for cameradolly
    2-Gizmo simple, the handler is not always visible, it appear to be in the front of the light, and in the rear only if zooming out really far.