Gizmo(s) disappeared; can't get them back

Whilst working on a project using the beta, I find that the Gizmos (Move, Rotate, Translate, etc). are no longer visible. When I change among those tools, I see the Gizmo incredibly briefly, perhaps 1/60 of a second.

I can’t see a way to bring them back. This might be a bug… but I’m asking because it might be somehow be acting by design instead of by accident.

I’m on a Mac, and I logged out and back in to the Mac. That seemed to do it (whereas restarting Blender 2.8 did not).

I’ve had this happen too, but on Windows 10. Exactly like what you’re saying. The widget appears for the blink of an eye when switching between tools and then disappears.

It only happens sometimes and I can’t figure out what sequence of events seems to trigger it, but once it starts it usually takes me multiple times opening and closing Blender for the widget to come back.

I’m pretty sure it’s a bug.

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Mine will often disappear unless I visually enable the tools menu on the left of the viewport and force select the transform tool. But it reverts back to hidden every time I reload the file. Personally I don’t like interacting with the tools menu if I can get away with it and in 2.79 and prior being able to see your transform gizmo was on by default.

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One of the reasons for absent gizmos is that you accidentally hit the spacebar and are running the animation timeline in play. To stop this and get the gizmos back hit spacebar again.


I was recking my brain trying to figure this out. Thanks for the post!

I think this what tripped me up, too. I usually set my spacebar to do the search & menu thing, what we used to call the Dynamic Spacebar menu. But in recent blender versions, I didn’t carry that setting over, and have been trying to remember to get used to using Spacebar for play and Shift-Space for, well, whatever it does now. I often now accidentally play the animation without realizing it, while I’m modeling.

Think I’m gonna change that setting today. I don’t play back much, because I don’t animate much… but I use that context menu 1000x a day.

For anyone else out there that still has this issue, try pressing Ctrl+` (~). Turns out I hit it accidentally trying to switch to walk navigation last night.


tks!!! Just so simple!

Magistral! I love you. I was coming crazy.

I’ve had this problem and it’s turned out I’ve had the Measure tool selected in the toolbar. Change to any other tool (eg Select) and your gizmos will return!