Gizmo Size: resize your gizmo with ease!

Gizmo Size

Allows you to increase or decrease the Gizmo size from the viewport using keyboard shortcuts and more.

Demo Gizmo


Increase and Decrease the Gizmo Size
Two new operators allow you to increase and decrease the Gizmo size, assigned to and keys.

Editable shortcuts
Edit the shortcuts to your liking from the Preferences window

Access the operators in the new Gizmo menu
Available from the viewport and UV Editor, in the header’s View menu.

Set the increment value in the addon’s preferences
How much it increases or decreases the Gizmo size.

To-do list

Make it work outside of viewport.
Kind of one in 0.0.4! Not sure I can do better tho, but I’ll keep investigating.

Have the shortcuts settings in the addon’s preferences.

:open_book: More information on the readme.


:arrow_down: (Right click → Save as)

Source Code:
:page_facing_up: Gizmo Size on GitHub

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Update v 0.0.4:

Shortcuts are functional from outside the Viewport.

Though I can’t yet find a way to make them work from strictly everywhere possible, some areas like sidebars, preference / properties editors don’t want to work. To me it looks like it’s the API’s design, so I’m not sure I can make this better. But it’s already a great improvement nonetheless.

Gizmo menu now present in the UV Editor.

Tell me if you think it would be needed elsewhere.

Shortcuts are now located in the Window category.

Due to the change of area of influence.

Thank god someone made this. I was literally looking for something just like this. My luck is good today!

Is it possible to press a key to trigger the gizmo move on specific local axes? Not the regular transformations, but specifically through the gizmo. I’d buy the add-on for at least 20 buckaroos if you could pull that off.

I honestly don’t know, I’m a big noob at scripting. We’ll see x)

I did some tests and I think I could make this:

It requires binding keys for each axis and a way to switch directions between positive and negative translation.
A simple way would be to use three keys for positive translations and use a modificator key like Alt to make the negative translations. The alternative way is to bind one key per axis AND direction.

Which means I need to find three or six keys that are available in the 3D view and at least while in object mode and pose mode with no modals active.
And ideally, the three keys should be neighbors, otherwise there’s little to no point having those. And that’s… Quite hard to find, actually.

I did not dig further in the available keys yet, as might take a while, but it sounds quite hard to find.

On a side note, I like Maya’s Alt Arrow behavior, which is very similar to your proposal and I use it a lot: it moves the selection up/down/left/right on a screen-space orientation. Since it’s only two axes, it’s way easier to bind on the keyboard, and the arrow keys make so much sense for that. It even removes the need of a modifier key to switch directions. And turns out the Alt Arrow combinations are free in Blender’s default keymap, so that’s a given already.

So now I’m thinking, maybe that could be an alternative. Less keyboard-heavy, easily doable from the get go, and extremely straightforward to use.

And I would need a new name for this addon though…

Does this work for a local rotate on a pose bone?

EDIT: maybe it could work with bpy.ops.transform.from_gizmo()

Nah it would just be basically the same command as for a translation:

bpy.ops.transform.rotate(value=0.1, orient_axis='Y', orient_type='LOCAL')

But it looks like in pose mode, Y and Z are inverted…

Any idea about what I brought in my previous message?

I think six keys might be the only way to do it. An add on like that would be very much useful to a lot of people even if they have to make their own macros for it. Also sorry for the late response!

I am back \o/

So I’m currently working on this, I created a separated branch on my GitHub just to not get the working addon dirty:

I’m facing an issue : how to find a simple way to let the user choose which transform to perform and in which orientation?

Currently, this is all hard coded, the user has no choice. Its only translation on local axes.
If I want to add more choice, I have to multiply 13 lines of code for each axis, transform type and rotation. And find shortcuts for each.

Since we already use the Gizmo to set the transform type and orientation, I hope there’s a way to pickup that info and have my addon simply doing use the gizmo and add 1 on the X axis

So I posted on Devtalk, hoping to get some help doing that, or if impossible, at least find more efficient ways that duplicating lines of code to oblivion.

The usefull addon. Thanks