GK Adventure - Grinkat - Anime/Manga *finished: check out the animation thread*

i restarted the cat … please look here:

i dug my first model i made with 3D Max at school up… and now i wanted it be blendered :wink:
ok first this is how it looks like:

the new version should be comic style … so it can cooperate with my second WIP ^^
here is the first render (i haven’t made the eyes yet)

EDIT: This model is finished :wink:
check out for animations:


just for fun: http://www.raupyboard.de/uploads/avatars/avatar_2778.gif (teeth are just a texture … i was a bit lazy :/)


Nice, but it’s kind of hard to see. Maybe you could show a few more views. Also, the fur texture could use a little development.

i can only show you some of the normal (not toon like) version at the moment (it’s the same mesh … i only changed the eyes), because i’m not at home this weekend …

About the fur texture… i haven’t done any for the toon version yet so…


Remind me the sailor moon cat
is a good model


^^" Sailor moon? … but ok the cat is nice:rolleyes: and it is a manga cat :smiley:

any ideas for the fur texture? (the cat should be dark)

ok here are two more renders ^^" please some critism


You should look into the partical hair. It is really good and will add a lot more realism to this cat.

^^" thanks but like i sad in the first post:

the new version should be comic style
realism is kinda strange for cartoons isn’t it?

ok… i have done a first draft for the “human” version of the cat
what do you think?:confused:


…I think she’s gonna be cold… The design doesn’t do much for me, but I might be in the minority on that one. Still, given what you were able to do with the cat itself, I’d like to see what you can do with this.

reminds me of japanese manga cat called jiji if its eyes where only more oval and ider well then ited be pefect and skinnier and abit more characterd like make it a origenal not a realistic cat.add fur or something …nevermind no biggie

… what do you mean with she’s gonna be cold? … don’t you like the clothing… i’m not sure about it either ^^" … my drawing ability isn’t the best too…

@ Key : is that right: you want the cat look thinner???

Update: i started with her body … there are lots of things i want to change like her legs and hips …


I think her thighs are too skinny especially when seen from the side, and her foot might bee a tad too narrow, other then that, I don’t see any problems.

Judging from the drawing, the hair will be hard to deal with, if you plan to get it animated. (it’s ok if it’s just for a render)

Check my thread about long hair in the test section, I managed to make shoulder-length hair, but long hair will need a more complex setup if you don’t want it to cross the body.

it should be animated -.- i was thinking of flat hair (not particles)
can you post a link to this tread please ? or is it named long hair test?

It’s named Long Hair but anyways here’s the link:

wow thanks :smiley: your hair looks realy good ^^" i hope i can make that too …

ok i think i finished the comic cat modeling now… please have a look


cool work !! , is it possible to put some wires ? :slight_smile: curious
PS :- liked the underwater version , lol …

here some wires :wink:
there’s a subsurf level 2 on it :wink: and i can’t do low poly meshes ^^"""""