GK Prophecies 3d (demoreel kinda)

Now before you go and judge it. I must say that most of this stuff is very old (in technology). But i had forgot that i had this one. Its made completely in Blender (the animations). And the theme is set to be “Sequel” to one of our shortfilm projects (which so far has been canceled). But i thought i show you anyway. Enjoy.

This is something like half year or year old Blendering of mine. And when concidering that i have been on blender just for about 1½ years its the very earliest works in it.


I like it. The music would probably be the only thing that got me exctied. I am sure you model better than this now, but i was still fairly impressed. I look forward to seeing a new demo reel with your updated work in it.
4 stars.

Very nice effect at the entry into the atmosphere.

The other thing were good too. The only thing to remark on is the white outline around the vehicles in the last scene, it kind of ruins the illusion.

I should be at that stage now, considering that I have been using blender for about 8 months total. :^)