Gl Statistics

Hello. The BGE crashes on me when the game gets too complex. I don’t know if it’s physics, logic, polys, or textures causing this, but I suspect it is texture graphics. Could somebody please explain these stats for me, and possibly how I might avoid future problems? Thank you very much.

What is your hardware spec? which version of blender? which mode(GLSL materials, multitextures…)? What do you mean by complex? big?

Plug and Play Monitor on Intel 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family

Color Quality 32 bit (highest)

Screen Resolution 1152 by 864

Windows XP

2 gigs of RAM

GLSL is not supported by the graphics card or driver, but I believe the card is custom-built and not replaceable

I just use the default texture setting

Blender v.2.49

Complex as in more complex than a cube game:

it crashes with more logic, polys, and especially textures.

Will a different texture setting than MultiTexture Materials be less realtime CPU intensive?