glacial ice cave

Hi, i wanted to make a cool, 007 like ice cave scene with a frozen lake on the ground. I saw some mind-blowing photos of such caves in the internet ( (this is my favorite one, made by a photographer, which is also a 3Ds max artist)) and tried to get this awesome coloured light, which is shining throught the ice on the photos, in my scene. Hope you like it : )

Come on, just one little criticism :(, please.

I think the reason you don’t get any comments is because it’s kinda hard to figure what’s going on. I myself still have some problem with this.

I’m not really sure what to improve, but there were a few things that stood out to me

  • ice at the top looks like from a 2008 game
  • on the left side of the photo the lighting is probably just an emission plane with white am I right?
  • try to make the outside of the cave, so we se some contrast from the outside, and that will bring this awesome look to this render.
  • maybe try to decrease the focal length of the camera

Also, i think those bumps there are drops of water, but because of the camera angle an lighting, i thought that those were like, jeeps maybe? with people standing next to them. anywho, you should add a small emission plane behind the camera, that way they’re lit from below, as a reflection off the ice, and you can see that they’re drops. increase the transparency of the ice, and then tweak the camera setting, and then i think you should be good.