Glacial ice?

I’ve done some searches on the forum, but all the ice I could find were things like… ice cubes. I’m trying to do something more like glacial ice. A cool blue color, vaguely transparent but not very much (so you can’t see through to the other side), pretty harsh looking, and really cold. :smiley: I tried adapting the info I found about ice cubes into this but it didn’t turn out how I want it.

I’m making a wall of it. The model isn’t finished yet, but this is it so far. What I’d like help with is what kind of material I should put on it to achieve the right kind of affect. Should it just be a texture? Or are there better ways to get that kind of effect? :confused:

Anyone have any ideas?

I recently worked thru ocean tutorial. When playing with the final material for the ocean I thought that with some more tweaking it could look like glacial ice. Give it a try.

Here’s an awesome material for ice; maybe this will work for you: