Here is a gladiator type warrior that I worked on most of the day. Please give feedback.


looks good
wouldn’t mind seeing wires

I take it you are going to texture the rest of the shoulder armor but I can’t make sense of what is around his ankles
it only seems visible from the front so it’s not a boot
and it’s doesn’t ho all the way around so it’s not a collar (that’s not on his throught)
what is it?

I would work on the prortions of hip, butt, and legs. It looks like you concentrated on the top half (which is logical) but he looks top-heavy.

Thanks way. What’s around his ankles is ankle armor. Just an idea I wanted to try. As for the shoulders I wanted only one pauldron to give it more of a gladiator feel. I will try to work more on the hips,butt, and legs a little more. I will texture it someday. lol.

it probably needs to come a little further around the leg then

but it’s hard to make out what’s what until it’s textured

good stuff thou