Gladiators:Death or Glory

A link to a project I’m working on to any interested:

It is a process diary, so it will be updated on that site, including info the posting sticky said to have.

Looks good, but 6 frames?!!? Maybe u should just stick with shadows that are planes with textures on them. As for the Marvel characters, nice idea, love the modelling. Keep it goin’, but change the shadows, u’ll blow up ur graphics card otherwise :o.

Fantastic !

Thanks for the comment. The frames are low, but my laptops midrange at best. I’ve tried it on a co workers computer and was still over 30, but ya actually funny thing is I did almost blow my videeo card getting that shot. Too many apps going at once. Time for an upgrade.

It looks great! But the characters have to many polygons, 18,000 is way too much for the BGE you should have about 1,000 - 10,000. Games are very much texture based, you can also make a lowpoly and bake the highpoly unto it with a normalmap. Shadows are Okay if you use 2 with each 512 but plane shadows as mentioned by “Hellooo” are better because the shadow doesn’t really move that much if it comes from the top, and if your arena is flat then it doesn’t need to be aligned to the z-axis. Keep up the good work :wink:

The face count is high because I duplicated the models to create the screenshot, so divide the face count by 2 or 3 respectively and it will give the actual amount. Thanks for the input though, it affirms my goal of trying to keep the models between 6000 and 10000. I’m using the Yo Frankie game as a bench mark for limitations, but I would like to definetly push blender and see what it’s capable of.

I’ve updated my blog. I took alittle bit of time, so it’s a little more organized and detailed. This is my first time on such an endeavour, so any constructive critisism is encouraged and appreciated. Thank you.

Was experimenting with alpha channels, normal maps and transparencies and am very excited with the results so far.