Gladiators Of The Arena looking for developers

We have been working on our game for a year now and we are looking for more people that can fill missing roles in our team .

Gladiators of the Arena is an upcoming rpg hack ‘n’ slash game using Unreal Development Kit.
You play as a slave gladiator fighting for survival in Arenas across the territory of Roman Empire to win your freedom.
The game focuses on Slave mode and Citzien mode: In slave mode you fight to survive and get your freedom.
After that Citzien mode becomes open and you become professional gladiator.
It allows you to buy a house in a city or go hunting to the forest.
In custom fight you fight in chosen game mode such as : Team deathmatch, Survival or Free for all and others.

Currently on our board we have :

Programmer ( lead concept ) : Ferran Tantinya
General 3D artist : Michal Arendt
Music composer/Sound design : Chris Kukla
Animations/Rigging : Tobi Jessop
3D armor artist : E.D.

We are looking for :

UI designer/Concept Artist

  • Decent digital painting skill
  • Ability to design and make UI

Team member in that role would be responsible for :

  • Designing GUI and Menu
  • Painting concept art for loading screens/menu

Environmental 3D artistRequired:

  • Good modelling skills in 3D software of choice ( Blender , 3Dsmax,… )
  • Efficient UV making .
  • Decent texturing skills .

Team member in that role would be responsible for :

  • Modelling and texturing meshes for arena , ludus , forum levels

If you are interested in joining our great team , feel free to message me with desired role and work samples , or email at
[email protected]

IndieDB page:…the-arena-gota

Bump , still looking for blender users.