This is a first render for gladiators in action! :smiley:
Come more renders coming.
Do you think this? Please be constructive.

Just if you want a small advice. Two things, the biceps of the second guy looks a bit weird, the right hand of the first one looks a bit (cant express), and he could be looking at that guy s mace maybe. On the other hand i dont understand how did you get so realistic image. :slight_smile: Do you used some tutorials on lighting or anything else, iam noob at lighting (i know just HDR in cycles).

Both front guys are left handed! Going in they thought they would face other right handers like normal, but no. Not today. (Back in the day, it was dangerous to face off against left hander. (because you’re not used to it) and even more dangerous if your guy can shift hands.

Anyways, nice picture. I really like the vibe. My complaint though, would be that my eyes are drawn towards the background guys rather than the front guys. I really like the stadium and lighting.

Hello cergina.
I Use to illuminate planes with images, hdri maps, and also some kind of sun light.
Tutorials not this time. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the tips on character positions.
Will be improved in the next render.

Thanks for comment friend!
I tell you … I will improve a bit the materials of the main characters.
Also improve somewhat the final work!
PS: I’m Lefty :ba: :ba: :ba:

Improving materials on Black men!

The white man waiting for the same.