Glare, blur and transparency

I have a problem with the nodes (as always).

I have two objects and one (the one closest to the camera) must have an blur end glare effect but at the same time I must keep transparency.

I tried it using selective alpha and indexOB and with two render layers but I can not solve.
I’m going crazy …
can you helo me…

nobody helps me …
I’ve read several posts on the forum but they all refer to a single object …

example of the scene
I want to give at the white object a glow and blur effect


I’m not really that good in compositing but I think I have a solution to your situation. Here is my result:

First separate your glowing object in a separate render layer. Here I have the glowing block in the second layer and the blue block in the first layer. Then I created two render layers which hold the blocks separately. Here are the render layers look like:



And here are the settings for my render layers:



Note that I had ticked off the sky check box in the glowblock render layer so that the background of the glowing block would remain transparent. I have also set the sky color black in this render.

Then to achieve the glows and glares:

First I add two blur and a glare nodes:

Then I mix them into to the original glowblock layer:

Then I alpha over them into the blue block layer:

thank you for your reply but I do not see the transparency behind

If you want all the background to be transparent instead of a solid color. First go to scene > shading and choose transparent from the alpha list. Also save your work in formats that accepts transparency like png: check scene > output > file format. Also choose RGBA so that the transparency can be saved. If I still get things wrong please provide a more detailed description of what you want. Words such as ‘transparency behind’ is bound to multiple interpretation. I don’t have that much resource for me to enumerate all its possible meaning. It is just a great waste of my time.


Oy! You might also need to change the nodes.

thanks but I solved it in another way.

there is no need to remove the sky on the second level.

this is my best solution that I could find.
I have often encountered this problem and finally I found a solution …



Great that you find a solution for your problem though I have a few critique of it though and I am still in the dark of what you really wanted. I also can’t see the result of your solution. What is its result on the boxes scene?