Glare node in cycles

Why in compositing the glare node with the streaks doesn’t work in cycles??? even if i have the correct light there is no way it works, is like if is not recognized the effect, i let the mix amount at maximum and i see only the black and i dont see the little stars.

Why is not working¡?¡? :’( , i was lot of time and nothing… create new files, change materials , lights, world settings … nothing happens…

You could always import the Render Cycles image back in to composite the Glare, but you probably know that :wink:

you need to set the threshold on the node to a value less than 1.

It still doesn’t work im experiencing the same problem i think it has something to do with the fact that it renders the gray sky in cycles render layers. try changing the sky to just a transparent image.
if you go under world settings and switch to use nodes and pick transparent for the world background colour it works