Glare node w/ alpha = impossible ?


I’m having difficulties understanding how the output of the glare node works, especially the alpha channel; I also don’t get if alpha is supported for this kind of nodes.

I have really tried many things:

  • separate RGBA and recombine the RGBA
  • combine the 2 alpha from the original render and from the image output from the glare node
  • various color ramp, set alpha, mix node tricks

nothing works as expected.

as you can see from this example the rendering is different if done on a black solid background or in transparency, when in RGBA part of the effect is simply cut out and this is what I’m trying to avoid, I just want the effect to contribute to the alpha channel and export it as an image with trasparency.

What I’m supposed to put between the glare node and the output to get what I want ?

You could put the Alpha through a duplicate glare node to set its alpha. May not be the perfect solution though.


I have already tried this one: the render looks horrible and the glare effect doesn’t “shine”, look like a cheap render.