Glas/Window with reflection

Is it any each way to make like a window that got a slightly reflection in BGE? Using Blender 2.53

Yeap here is a tut that might help:

Naah. wont help. it uses a reflection map that makes the object apear that it reflects something. but it dosent reflect everything i got in my scene.

In your materials you can adjust the mirror setting to get the result you want. From other posts of yours I’m assuming this is for a game. Reflections take extra rendering resources. If the reflection isn’t going to be an important part of the game then you can fake it.

Mirror settings dosent work for the game engine. not for me anyway.

Interesting. I’m building an environment in the BGE that should have a couple mirrors work if possible.

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You can use the videotexture module to make a mirror or other reflective surface, but there can only be one mirrored plane at a time, so you’ll have to find a way around that limitation.

it gotta be an easier way?

I think there can be more than one at a time, but there must be a different material for each mirror plane.

I believe that is the only way to get a true mirror. Keep in mind though, that it is quite resource intensive. Having every window with a reflection will slow down your game a lot. Easiest way is to just map a random image as a reflection. Players usually don’t pay that close attention to detatils like that.

Last time I tried using more than one mirror (of course each with their own texture) it left all but the last one blank (IE they still looked like the placeholder texture)

Did you try using different materials / textures for each? I think VideoTexture works on a texture level (replaces the texture with a render), so having different textures and materials shouldn’t be a problem. You could try using the same material and image for each window (i.e. have all windows share the same image made from one master window.