glasgow high flats.

i thought i’d spend today seeing how hard it would be to re-create the high flats where i used to live in scotland. Its not really any good, but i thought i’d put it out there to see what you all say.

go nuts with crits! (bare in mind though that glasgow is like this 99.9% of the year, so i think its close to life)

hmm, reminds me of taggart :smiley:

Add some rain for that 99.99% of the year and it would look just like the Pacific Northwest US. Variation in grass width and texture might help. Also even though its an overcast dreary day a little bit lighter or higher contrast might help.

I kind of want to sit on one of those balconies wrapped in a blanket with a hot cup of coffee adn watch the clouds go by. A little variation of the Mid to Low level grass’s blade width might be nice but the long stems should be left alone in my opinion, they remind me of a kind of grass who’s name I cant remember. I didn’t really think about it till I read jwatson’s comment.
Very nice render/picture.