Glashütte Watch

Rendered with Internal engine with a handful of fun nodes
I was originally going to do more with the scene composition, but ended up choosing simplicity.

oh my god, that looks realistic like a photo, just awesome!

absolutely fantastic, great work!

Excellent, looks very real. Will you post your node setup?

:stuck_out_tongue: thanks!
here is my node set up for this watch:

Beautiful work man, try to increase the AA to avoid these strange blue artifacts on the edges. Anyway the result is realy great.

Wow, great work. It looks very impressive.

Just one small thing, I think the scale on the wood is a bit off. If it was actually that size, that watch would be pretty big. Should be fairly simple to fix. (If you want to) :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’d actually like to talk to you about your node setup, I’ve been trying to get similar effects and having a lot of trouble with the configurations. Send an email to me at [email protected] if you have the time.

The blue artifacts you see on the edge of the watch is, from the enviorment (HDRI) map in the background. Dispite how odd it looks, its normal…

As for the size of the wood texture on the floor, it is out of proportion a bit… I enlarged the texture size to proportions correct to the watch before, but it didnt create as dramatic of an effect to that of this rendering. So I kept the wood small and contrasty.

as mentioned, the wood is definately the wrong scale. it looks extremely flat, especially around the nails. IMO, you would just about be better off modelling the wood at this level of detail.

yah, I supose thats what I should do, Ill try and re-modify/model the wood material with somthing,
and also do somthing with the overall scene composition

Absolutely superb, especially knowing it’s Blender internal and not Yafray. Caustics still might do it some good though…

Nice work, just love that metal shader. Good lighting, but as many people said the scale of the wood is a bit off. A nice metal strap wouldn’t have made it look too bad ;).
neat work, 4 stars

Stupid question. Can you render it without all of the nodes?*
I know nodes are good for motion blur and dof blur. But most of that stuff is done in Post anyway, so a good view of how it would look without would be very neat

Really Great!
Maybe you can fake details arround the nails with bumpmap?

i think the aa-problems on the edge occurs because you combine the picture with an dof-image… try to put the dof at the end of your network. that should help…

cool idea with the highlights and the color-ramp… i was looking for exactly that…


Is there something I’m missing? Where does the problem with photorealism lie in my blends? Is it materials? Lighting? Combination of both? Nodes setup? I don’t know… but I envy you. Great work!!:smiley:

Excellently done.

Very nicely done. I personally don’t see any errors in this. Nice work.

5 stars from me.



you could always subdivide your plane ten times and use a displacement map for the wood. that being said I’d love to see a render against white or black - the bg is distracting from your great modeling