Glass 2.9! help please

Hello everyone! I’m a beginner and learning Glass texture! I’m watching this video below and Andrew the guy says glass is very simple by increasing transmission and decreasing roughness… “Tada!”
I don’t think so. I cant get it to be transparent. I’m using Blender 2.9. Is that why?

Thank You

below is video and my screen shots

video- part 1:48

If you’re using Eevee, you need to turn on refraction.
Then go to the material setting, turn on refraction, then change the Blend Mode to anything that work, if you have alpha.

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First off, your IOR value should not be 0.0. Some people assume the default value should be 0.0, but this is a specific case where it needs to be set to a realistic Index of Refraction for glass. Different types of glass have different IORs, but a simple 1.5 should work well for you.

Next, part of it is going to be that you are using Eevee. Eevee uses Screen Space Refraction which is a rendering trick that, I think, gets you single-bounce refraction that has specific limitations. If you want accurate refraction and physical accuracy, you should use Cycles. If you still plan on using Eevee, follow @lehuan5062’s instructions, but you’ll also need to set the Refraction Depth to something above 0.0. See the section of the manual for Screen Space Refraction for further info:

Best of luck and let us know how it goes!


Thank you All! Yes! very true. So I got it. I’m now using cycles gpu and added a hdr, z rendered view. I appreciate your help guys.

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