Glass and complex shapes

I’m very new at making materials with nodes and shaders, and I’m attempting to make a low poly plane model. Now when i tried to make the windows i ran into a bit of a problem. The window has to be in this complex shape and it messes with the visibility from certain angles. Is there something i can do to just make a simple translucent material that doesn’t do any fancy refraction? Since my plane is lowpoly and very simple i don’t need hyperrealistic glass.

Here is an example of the artifacting:

I would show the mesh too but i can only include one image.

Use Eevee instead. Cycles is notoriously bad for (especially) sharp reflections on low poly models that are smoothed. If you can live with it, you can use fake reflections from a “probe” (environment map used as an emission shader instead of glossy). It will reflect the sky just fine, but the rest of the plane will not. Example of fake reflections, the curved plane would have the same issues you have - note how the “reflections” doesn’t reflect the floor or the studio hdri at all: