glass and light

For some weird reason I have made up my mind to make a sort of a glass hut, with a read tint to it. (Do not ask me why…) And I thought it would be a good idea to put a lamp inside. My problem is that I want my lamp to show if I look at the hut from the outside. With that I mean, if I stand outside I want it to look like there is a lamp inside, and that the lamp make my hut show the red tint. But for some reason I can’t make the lamp glow through the glass. Can someone show me to the right direction? (And since I am a newbee I need to be feed the explanation with a teaspoon)
I hope you can see my pictures and with that my problem. One is with my hut alone and one is with my hut in a sort of an environment.


You need to turn on TransparentShadows. What kind of lamp are you using? Cause in 2.45 only Spotlights are capable of transparent buffered shadows. If you are using another lamp type you need to turn on raytracing and give the material raytraceing transparency.

Thanks for your reply. Spot did help a bit. And I’m really sorry for this stupid question, but I can’t find TransparentShadows. Can you show me to the right place:o

TransparentShadows is the TraShadow button on the Shaders panel.
BTW, you have to turn on TraShadow on the surface that receive the transparent shadows.

Then I had it on:-) I did finaly (sort of) get the light go through the glass. It’s not perfect, but it’s a start. Still need the glass to be more pinkish and more dense. What did it was to adjust the settings of the spot rings. It seems they had to go outside the hut. Both of them. Well, got to read up on my lighting it seems. Thanks a lot for your help. As a newbee with a bit of languageproblem I need to be feed the solution with a teaspoon.