glass and liquid,w.i.p

(rixtr66) #1

heres a scene ive been working on,its a bottle and a glass
on a table,eeshlos refractor plugin works well with the glass,
but the bottle…hmmmm,any way its dark for a reason,
the glass looks like plastic if i add the room,im looking for
suggestions from the community as to how i can make better
glass and liquds!

any input is welcome:)


(valarking) #2

omg. :o :o :o :smiley: :o :o :o
that is AWESOME! are you suuuure that was made in blender??? :wink:

(Goo) #3

Very, very, very nice glass. I can’t really see the liquid though. How high is your OSA setting. The edge of the table is a little jagged. It also looks like you have a lot of lamps in the room because of the reflections on the bottle. I’m not sure if that’s a side effect of the refract plugin though. A very nice piece of work indeed.


(Andy Goralczyk) #4

:o WOW! The caustics are great! Very very nice pic! :o

btw: What about photorealism contest that Stephen2002 decited to make some months ago [before blender3d went down], are u still planning to make one?


(stephen2002) #5

photorealism contest…I don’t know what to do about the prizes and the development on that was stalled when the Blender web site went kaput. Is there still interest? Possibly donations of prizes? Maby I could work a deal with elYsiun when Timothy gets the shop running to give away some shirts or something. I have a list of rules made up, and maby some good example pictures. Also, I lost the listing of texture plugins that I was going to use when the Blender site went down. Is there a list of plugins out there somewhere?

Also, comment on the pic, I don’t see any caustics (i.e. light spots on the table or something like that). The pic looks good, but you need to add some walls to the room :slight_smile:

(Skates) #6

nice man, my only advice to get that looking more perfect is to use lightflow. Of course, that’s a lot of time and can be frustrating…but you’ll actually get caustics and reflections and refraction and fresnel effect and all that hoo-hah. Overall good.

(nemesis) #7

WOW!!! That looks 100% real. VERY nice work

(S68) #8

Awesome, like it! I don’t understand why you aren’t satisfied with the bottle… anyway I think you’ll find it hard to do anithing better than that without resorting to a RayTracer…


(VelikM) #9

Very impressive, I’ve taken worse pictures with a camera.