Glass and pitcher of orange juice

The glass on the bottom of the pitcher needs to be smoother anything else? I could also improve the composition of the background or remove it entirely. i the glass “set smooth” with the edge split modifier and still those artifacts?

thanks for looking.

Blender internal render


Cool, wish I was as awesome as you. :slight_smile:

LOL thats a sig worthy quote!

and as i already said, the OJ looks drinkable, clever, what youve done there…

as for those artifacts you just need to goes off into mumble


The orange juice is from blender open material repository - I might have changed it a little, I can’t remember. Its super close right from the download.

iliketosayblah could you repeat that last part - about fixing the artifacts I couldn’t quite catch that…?

It needs better composition - a normal table and some graas showing outside - I will have an update later today.

So I removed a bunch of dipli verts and used set smooth in edit mode and the glass is near perfect. - update render coming 30min 10:54am

I think iliketosayblah is referring to the artifacts at the bottom of the glass and pitcher. Those are caused by triangles in your model, you can get rid of the problem by subdividing the triangles that form the bottoms

thanks a lot Morio - I also removed a bunch of dupli verts in edit mode.

That’s amazing!!!

uhh…yeah! thats what i meant :stuck_out_tongue: shifty eyes

try in F5 if you use the mirror for this

there is the variable fase to sky - change this to fade to material instead

it should remove the darker areas !

if you want even better render try it with yafaray

check one of the thead on bear glass - it looks really awsome
with cold water on the side of the bear and some foam at the top!

hope it helps


Rickey changing the fade to material or fade to sky parameter really changes the look of my glass!!
Good to know - for chrome and metal I usually set it to fade to material color

  • I really want this done entirely in blender - I am sure that I can got really good results with the internal.

Ok so I am waiting on what my be my personal best render - I wish distributed rendering was easier.

11:40am sat - its gonna be a while even on my quad 2.5

small update - this is a small test image


it’ s fine yafaray can read most of the info in blender
it’s easy ounce you get use to it
and can gives very good rendering too
see pic of wine glass

but can still do some good rendering in blender too

if you set some other objects around it would give more reflections on the glass


your glass puts mine to shame - but gives me something to work towards :slight_smile:
Very very nice render - I will check out the thread that shows how to put water droplets on the glass and maybe try to incorporate them.

did you begin to read doc on yafaray

thais was done with ayfaray

i’m rying to modify it to get some desent orange juice
but should have it ready by tomorrow

i began working but not yet very good for the material
see pic

i hope


here some test i did with yafara

whenever your ready with yafaray Pm and i let you hve some sample file for glasses
like i did !

hope it helps

Cool that so many others are working on OJ as well, I usually set up very large scenes, furnished rooms, and do interior walkthroughs. I think that blender internal is fully capable of getting the image quality I am looking for, settign up all my materials again in yafaray just kills productivity and my renders never even looked close the blender internal. I see others gettign insane renders with yafaray but its not easy and the documentation kind of sucks. IMO someday I will have to learn yafaray, or blender internal will get 2-6 bounce GI and its basically over for the other options.

the internal can do a lot and it’s fast
but this means that it’s not high performance that’s how it is
and don’t think it will change in 2.5 or very little

now with yafaray that will give new much more power and flexibility
and it’s not that difficult to learn
i;m certain if you begin with it you’ll learn it inside a few days and after you’ll find it so easy to use and it gives great rendering
in any case you can ask question about it here or in the yafaray forum

but it’s up to you and it does not cost anything
what else can you ask for !LOL

have fun

latest update - Will increase the sun light by around 2 for next render.


You need caustics from the glass, eather try to fake them or render with Yafaray/Indigo etc.