Glass and shadows

Hi all,

I’m trying to learn how to use blender 2.32 to make glass look realistic, I could make an acceptable sphere of glass, but I cant make the shadow that it casts to look ok… it keeps looking like a shadow casted by an opaque sphere…
Can someone plz give me some tips here?

thanks in advance

these were made with the blender internal render:

I used this settings on the sphere:
Ray transp:
IOR: 1.15
Fresnel 0.7
Fact 3.2

Enable TraShadow for the object recieving the shadow.


it also might help to turn on OSA in the rendering menu…

I’ve enabled TraShadow to the plane receiving the sphere shadow and i’ve enabled OSA 16, i’ve been playing arround with diferent options but I couldnt get any result… The shadow of the sphere keeps looking opaque without looking ‘glassy’!
I would really appreciate some orientation here… I’ve searched all around but I cant find any tutorial or documentation on this subject :frowning:


PS: I heard about a .blend file repository with lots of examples files, but I dont know if such thing exists? Anyone knows something about this?

What kind of lamp are you using? I think you need to use an area light, with Ray Shadows turned on in the light settings. :slight_smile:

Yea I am having the same problem. I have search for everything i can think of, shadows, glass, glass and shadows, cant find it any where. If someone could just clarify how you make the shadows for the glass I would appreciate it.

I’m no expert, but I think I remembered reading that Alpha should be less than 1. So is your glass object’s alpha value less than 1?


You must also enable the lamp for raytrace shadows in the Lamp Materials buttons. Here’s a .blend file you can use that has this already set up. Take a look at the materials for the background picture and for each of the lights. Here’s a frame from the animation:

Please note that I will be removing these links shortly to reclaim website space.

Hope this helps.

OK, I’m no expert here, but I was playing with the same thing today. Whatever the shadow is falling on, i.e, plane or other object, click the
TraSha button on in the material editor. I guess it’s supposed to make the material receive transparent shadows.