Glass and Yafray

Long time no see!!!

i know ive been gone for ages… back with a NEW COMPUTER!
everyone in our house is sick with several strains of flu… my mothers gotten it 3 times in a row so far.

trying to get back into blender after such a long haitus… and the programs changed ALOT >.< got to relearn it all over again.

in the aspect of learning the new commands and the ones my old pentium 100 coudlent handle im tinkering with environment mapping… hdri… photons… and the obligatory shiny sphere and booze bottles!!!

ive already learned what most likly already know… yafray is a PAIN!
sure it makes items by themselvs look great… but it seems it cant handle transparency in groups worth squat…

the red bottle and the clear one behind it look great… but where they overlap… its all black… thats no right… and 3 hours of tinkering with the blenders settigns buttons dont seem to help at all.

the second cluster is even WORSE!
clear glass bottle with some white wine modeled inside it… problem is… yafrays problem with overlapping transparencies has happened again… the liquid has turned black… even MORE interesting… i duped the liquid and pulled it to the side… thus the gold shape you see… and as you can see outside the bottle the colors right… but the kicker is… transparency is ON… and reflections on that shape are OFF! yes its a solid object reflecting everything… NO default glass settings on the liquid… i just dont know what to do… any tinkering with the blenders material and raytracing settings dont change anything for any of the problems…

guess ill have to start nosing into the yafray tutorials to see if its a common problem or if im really doing something wrong… but being my headache right now… im just goign to post showing im still alive int eh 3d world… and that im going to go lay down.

About the blackness where the bottles overlap: Did you try raising the Raydepth?

it was at 8 but ill try higher next time.

Its nice… good… not perfect… i think the background is very lacking… stilll


lol as i said i was sick and was just tinkering around with some of the features i could never do befor eon my old pentium 100 with 64 megs of memory… there is no background to speak of just the image used for the HDRI… its not mean to be a “full image”…
well not yet at least… ill eventually be naking a full bar for a possible comission project… but the main focus is to make a series of bottles glasses and cups to use as a personal item repository so i can just grab the items as needed for future projects. thus the lack of immediate need for background and scene set up.

Update of the work done so far…
having massive problems getting the lighting to work out the way i want it too… and 3 min render times of even the smallest image settings is making it annoying to deal with… especialyl when the image has to be larger… 30 min render to see any real changes.

live wire was right about the blackness… changing the depth from 5 to 10 fixed it wonderfully

now its just all about the lighting…mainly that its either too dark… or to bright where it washes out the colors… im thinking of trying to extend the lights from 18 meters to 50 and boost their range… hoping that it will cause lest dramatic a change of lighting in such a short scaled distance… because the washout in the front of the image… especially the lables… but dark behind where you can BARELY see the bottom of the bottles internals just looks so unrealistic to me.

the problem with the transparency turned otu to be thre was no background… despote its solid look it was… barely transparent… and putting the background and a few test items behind the glass really helped me tweak the settings more… that backgrond wall also blocks out 50% of the hdri image…
even with reflect off it seems yafrays hell bent on adding the hdri to the surface and blockign out the back half of the detail to reflect really toned down all the clutter that was making the liquid seem solid.

tinkered with settings more… drastically turned down the lights power to 1.000 or less… dragged them back to a 70 m distance… and it helped deal with the white out effect ont he labels and everything else… but the corks which are now a dark brown… are still overly washed out as you can see… i even did a dupe of a cork and set it ont he ground… which as you can see isent washes out brightly… which means its yafrays settings on how its viewed through the glass… havent figured ot what setting it is yet to fix it… so… more tinkering must be done i suppose.

still not happy with how the liquid looks either.

got a newer render but not much changed and was a smalelr rez so i didnt upload it here…
fixed the liquid problem… the normals were facing the wrong way… being it ws made from a dupe of the inside of the glass the normals were fancing inwards instead of outwards causing yafray to render it incorectly thus the overpowered mirror… now the liquid looks much more satisfactory.

corks have also been fixed… it was the 3 caustic photon lamps i had going that was the problem… removing 2 of them and moving the one remaining to a back image angle fixed the cork white out problem and will look much better in the next render.

added a wine glass… a glass ashtray “still tweaking” a candle holder… “still needs candle”
and added the START of a bar… goign to be gradually building onto the scene for the bar to give it at least some nicities and what not but the focus is still on the bartop items themselvs.

considering a beer mug but i know id never at the moment be able to do the bubbles/head of the beer with my current skill as to where to even begin on that draws a blank in my mind… and leaving it flat would just make it look like the wine.

PS… for some reason… compared to the past renders which averaged 20-26 minutes… this one took 16 hours. cant for the life of me figure out WHY >.<