Glass appears transperent in cycles, but solid black in eevee, why?

The glass material shader appears transparent in cycles render, but solid black in eeevee, why?

in the Material you need to choose Settings > Blend Mode > Alpha Blend and enable Screen Space Refraction, and in the Render panel you need to enable Screen Space Reflections and Refraction


Thank you!

Is there any way to make glass transparent in viewport?

what do you mean? It should be transparent in the viewport, as we see in your screenshot

I meant viewpoint.

could you please elaborate? I’m not sure what you mean

Use X-ray mode:

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Can I apply x-ray to specific materials?

What you can do is select all the objects w/ transparent materials and hit ‘M’ to move to a new collection.

And then you can turn the whole collection off.
Screenshot 2021-04-07 170228

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Material Properties > Viewport Display > pick a color, at the bottom of the popup there is a “A” slider… try that.