Glass Apples

Made with Blender 2.62 and render in cycles.

Coolness! The green one is my favorite.
And love the way you used the DOF. Really adds seriousness to it.
Awesome work! :smiley:

wow nice, love the lighting and texureing, and the colours. its really nice.
do you know any tutorials for using the cycles render engine

Yep, that’s definitely my new wallpaper!

Thanks everyone glad you like! :slight_smile:

For liquid_legs…

Here are some Introduction to Cycles tutorials for you, Blendtuts website has the newest and more up to date tutorial of them all, but I though you may get something different from each one. Blender cookie has some really good cycles tuts for after you have a better understanding of what you are doing. The best one’s are by Jonathan williamson (LIKE: Rendering a Sports Car in Blender Cycles, Rendering Realistic Headphones in Blender Cycles, Creating a 3D Speaker Box Icon)


Blender Guru

Blender Cookie


P.S I’m still learning… :wink:

Great work =)

Thanks :slight_smile: