Glass as a Liquid




This project serves mainly as practice in animating materials. The Orb’s displacement as well as its shader are tied to a musgrave texture, the vector of which is animated by an empty. Plugging a noise shader into the vector of the musgrave results in some really wonderful marble-like rings.

I rendered a fairly low sample-count with denoising. I found that I actually enjoy the blurry-somewhat surreal look to the animation with heavy denoising, it reminds me of colored pencil in the vein of The Snowman.

Comments, tips, general impressions are welcome.

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loving the surreality of this! the efficiency in rendering this is worth mentioning; a definite plus for lower-end setups. the movement and aesthetic of the glass mesmerizes, and will mesmerize me no matter how many times i watch this. amazing!

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its also worth mentioning that the architecture is perfectly minimalist, making sure it doesnt detract from the main focus. the lighting setup is subtle in aesthetic but strong in practice, and makes the glass more attractive! once again, truly amazing!

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